Boris FX

Boris FX 9.20

Edits various 3D objects with video and text
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9.20 (See all)
Create multimedia presentations by combining 3D models of objects with video, text, images, etc. The suite features a set of tools for adjusting models by configuring lighting, adjusting the color balance, applying third-party After Effects filters, etc. Multiple presets are available.

Boris FX is a great value with realistic lighting, advanced keying and color correction, compositing, DVE, vector paint and support for third-party After Effects filters.
Boris FX offers a Library Browser with hundreds of high-quality presets for easy application in over 20 NLEs.

Sophisticated vector paint and spline tools allow you to create animatable masks. More than 115 video filters include motion tracking and image stabilization, as well as self-animating natural effects that easily interact with timeline video.

Main features:

- Over 115 Filter Effects Including Several FEC Filters
- Unlimited Layers of Media
- Oversize Image Import for Pan and Scan
- 3D Shapes such as Cylinders, Spheres and Cubes
- 3D User Modifiable Spline Primitive Shapes
- Gradient and Procedural Media Generator
- Motion Blur
- Audio Import with Scrubbable Waveform
- Vector Paint System
- Volumetric Lighting Filters
- Motion Tracking, Stabilization and Corner Pinning
- Support for 3rd Party AE Plug-in Filters
- Hardware Accelerated OpenGL Previews
- Library Browser with Hundreds of Preset Animations
- 16 Bit Color (host dependant).

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